For some reason my overlay won't appear

on the line 326 you put 7overlay instead of &overlay

line 326 you have a 7 where the & is supposed to be, and secondly have you already coded the spot directing for your overlays?

No, to be honest I don’t really know what that means. I am really new at this.

no worries! spot directing is basically finding the coordinates to paste in your script where you want your overlays to be.

i see you’ve already learned how to spot direct your characters so you’ll get the hang of spot directing overlays really fast. first i’d suggest reading this thread:

she teaches you everything you need to know about placing them into your script, and if you have any questions or need any help after your done reading i can answer them for you here!

I tried
@overlay POWER_1 create
@overlay POWER_1 opacity 1 in 0
but I can’t see the overlay in the preview

you read through the thread?

oh sorry I forgot to update you, I figured it out! Thanks!

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no problem!

You accidentally put 7 instead of & on line 326 Try and see if that works