FOR Those Who Request Art On Episode


For those who request art on episode, most of you have done a really good job being patient. The other half not so much. We know you want your art ASAP. But some of us has essays and stuff, I think the other half should be thankful :bowing_man::raised_hands::heart:


I really, agree with this! :purple_heart:

Tagging all artist!



Oh wait, I understood what this was for :sweat_smile:


To be honest, I barely met ungrateful inpatient requesters. There were one or two, and I will for sure wont do anything for them, but mostly, everyone is quite nice.


Yes most requesters are very kind and patient. I have an art request thread and I haven’t been able to get to a lot of requests but no one has said anything rude


Yes Indeed, I just made this because my friend had an ungrateful customer, I just wanted to make sure we could all refresh


I really dislike ungrateful people. For art especially.
It’s like Picasso making a painting for someone for free and they don’t like it. He spent his time on that painting and you said you don’t like it. That’s just straight up messed up. When you want someone to make you art you should be grateful. Especially for “free” they put their work into that art piece! Like I would be mad pissed if someone was ungrateful. :sneezing_face:


Exactly this girl has amazing art, it is professional art. She said, you have to pay 20 dollars, and I’ll do it for you. And they said, oh my God, can you do it for free that’s too much money and would complain even more


I don’t get that though. If you’re professional. They need to pay. Like wtf. 20 dollars is a piece of cake. :joy:
You’ll get the best quality and the best art from an artist. My grandparents payed over 600$ for the Starry Night That painting was legendary. I guess people Don’t understand “money” and how it profits.




I agree with ppl needing to be patient though I’m no artist I do ask for backgrounds lol. If you’re asking someone to make something for you that they DONT HAVE TO MAKE in the first place you should be nice and patient about it because the artist is nice enough to help.


Thanks for putting it out specifically Lex :blush:


lol Yw


Omg yes

Ok so a request: you are hiring us to do art for your story. Which means we can take as long as we want. Most of us aren’t getting paid so the people who request just have to be patient. If we don’t want to do your request we don’t have to. If we have work to do irl, what makes you think that you’re more important than our futures irl??? No offense but you aren’t


Tell it like is


I have essay projects tests all due in a week


:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: Well said.


I agree sooo much :purple_heart: