For thoughs who have paypal. I need help 😔

Urm I have a few questions about it. See I want to someone to make me a cover, but the thing is she only will do paypal and that’s fine I just need help understanding it. :rofl:

  1. What the heck is paypal?
  2. Will I be in debt if I use this card or is it my OWN money?
  3. Do I need to sign up and if I do where should I go?

Mmmm…I think that’s it for now :joy:

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  1. PayPal is where people basically give you virtual money through their PayPal/bank to yours.

  2. No don’t worry :joy: it’s not a credit card it’s like a debt card. All your own money it’s not like random money that you’ll have to pay off.

  3. They have a phone app. I have a PayPal but I don’t have a card yet so that’s really what I’m waiting for, but you could get a PayPal card once you sign up and say you don’t have a debit card yet.

Hope I was of some use :joy: speaking of PayPal I need to get my info up


Hi there!

PayPal is linked to your bank account and if you spend money through PayPal, one or two days or so later PayPal takes the money from your bank account. But if you don’t have enough money on your bank account, you will have a ‘bill’ that needs to be payed on time or you’ll get in trouble. Nothing to do with credit card or stuff :slight_smile:


Thanks I just needed to know :blush:
@Tripping @Chocolate_Mama


are there some service fees like a monthly subscription to use paypal?

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Same I was thinking that to. Cuz Im pretty sure you have a choice between dept or credit Im pretty sure its the dept one I could be wrong tho

so you are saying that if i open a paypal account and add a debt card paypal will remove some funds monthly or per transaction ?

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