For vampire story lovers - do you prefer when the story takes place at school or when the main characters no longer go to school?

For vampire story lovers - do you prefer when the story takes place at school or when the main characters no longer go to school? and why do you prefer it?
I prefer vampire stories where the main characters go to school, because I feel like there is more drama :crazy_face:


Mostly in school, amongst potential meals (human classmates). :laughing:
But it mainly just depends on the plot and how the author writes it because sometimes it feels more suitable at school and other times it seems like the school part is unnecessary and even boring. So, I guess my answer is both, but more leaning towards school.


school. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


one of my faourite vampire stories were both sides of the moon by epi.rachel

Yeah I prefer when it happens at school! Either in High school or college :bat:

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Like I dont really like the school stories…its better when its no longer school but sometimes in the future i will try to read/code something :slight_smile:

college would be perfect

Honestly, non-school is by far my favourite. For me, it makes more sense, and I am willing to debate about this.

If a vampire story is set at a school, the story often falls into the “Twilight” hole of: why are these old-ass vampires chilling out at a high school? Are there just loads of vampires who were turned when they were teenagers and age-appropriate for school attendance? And why on earth would a vampire voluntarily go back to school? You could argue the school kids are easy meals, but there are far easier ways to find a neck to bite than in a monitored school scenario. Plus, putting yourself through geography voluntarily? I don’t buy it. Then you end up stuck with a vampire charatcter who’s 16-17 forever and that’s just not really compelling for me, especially when the human character is the same age and all the drama takes place in school halls, classrooms, locker rooms… It’s been overdone, for me.

Move the age range upward, however, and you get the freedom of having adult characters interact with adult vampires. Vampires who appear old enough to be lawyers, doctors, politicians, etc. and when trying to fight a clandestine battle against the vampiric/undead in a public place, against vampires who are in highly respected professions, that ups the ante. It raises the stakes. We’re not talking about having drama in detention anymore, suddenly we’re considering countering vampire interests in courts of law, in board rooms, in a million different scenarios where there are geniune gains and genuine losses.

I feel like school vampire dramas are constrained by the age of the characters. Something really important and world-changing is going on? Well, it’s too bad you’re already late for maths.


what aboyt if its vampire school/college?

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That’s still a personal nope, from me. Having an entire school or university full of vampire students changes the entire dynamic of the vampire genre. For me, the vampire genre is a predator-prey/hunter-hunted sort of theme that can be flipped and re-flipped again. But there’s also this weird power dynamic when you have ordinary humans going toe-to-toe with immortal super-powerful beings. That whole vibe goes right out the window when the entire cast are vampires with nothing to offer a narrative or character foil. That’s not to say that interesting stories can’t be told with an all-vampire cast, only that the power struggle aspect of the genre kinda falls flat.

I still personally prefer non-school settings.


ok but you have to admit blood lust was good…? twas for me

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I’ll certainly say it was the best vampire story I’ve read on Episode. Because a lot of time and effort and love was put into it - Episode came up with bespoke character features like eyes and vampire fang mouths, outfit features like bite marks, stake props, animations, backgrounds, and overlays for the story. It was obviously a story they cared about, and that shows!

So yeah, as much as I will overall prefer a non-school vampire story any day of the week, I’ll appreciate a good, well-written school vampire story over a shoddy non-school one. I’ll stan quality over specifics.

(But I still generally prefer non-school vampire stories. Sorry!)


ok :blush:

Definitely out of school! In school there is often a lot of unnecessary drama and mean girls doing some sabotaging, popular kids being mean and a lot of people acting kinda childish and all that stuff (understandable cause they are still young and have a lot of growth to go through, that’s usually how people who are still in school behave but it still kinda annoys me and brings out some bad memories :sweat_smile::joy:) and like someone in the previous comment said it’s weird that these eternal beings are willing go to school over and over again and have nothing better to do with their immortality and have no higher goals and aspirations than high school… one would think that after all that time on Earth they would at least find something to do that is more enjoyable than that… on top of all that they are usually very very old and then end up in a relationship with a teenage girl… so I prefer vampire stories where main character is not in school anymore and is an adult who can think like an adult and knows consequences of their actions and can think more rationally than hormone driven teenagers… cause it is a little weird that a 100+ vampire is dating 20+ year old, but definitely 10 times better and less weird than him dating a minor


School :relieved: