FOR YOU: 100 Bonus Scene Ideas

So I LOVE bonus scenes especially when they’re just fun and have nothing to do with the plot, which inspired me to compile a list of 100 bonus scene ideas!

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These ideas are meant to inspire! I kept them vague so you can all interpret them with your characters as you see fit!

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  1. shopping trip
  2. dating show
  3. scuba diving
  4. superhero battle
  5. undercover cop
  6. dance off
  7. let your readers play a minigame
  8. another characters POV
  9. trip to the beach
  10. trapped in a nightmare
  11. house hunting
  12. trip to the spa
  13. playing hide and go seek
  14. astronauts traveling home
  15. finding a stray dog/cat
  16. scientist & lab rat
  17. watching a movie
  18. pirates hunting for treasure
  19. dance class
  20. studying in a library
  21. blind date with the MC and LI in an alternate universe
  22. getting a fortune told
  23. stuck in an elevator
  24. doctors in a hospital
  25. diffusing a bomb
  26. actors acting out a death scene
  27. cop and prisoner
  28. 2 characters duel as knights
  29. your characters in a police lineup
  30. flashback to childhood/teenage years
  31. jock and nerd
  32. saying goodbye at an airport
  33. interrogation
  34. a characters says “i love you” without using the words “i love you”
  35. costume contest
  36. fashion show
  37. pillow talk
  38. at a wedding reception
  39. classic sleepover
  40. prince chooses the princess at the ball

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