FOR YOU: Front Car Seat Overlay!

Hiya team!

I have just spent several hours trying to create front car seats from the INT. COMPACT CAR BACKSEAT BLACK - DAY overlay Episode released to us some time ago.

Check them out in action!

They’re free for you to download, and while not necessary, I’d appreciate a credit if you use them in your story (in other words, it is completely up to you, as it is based on one of Episode’s assets and not original to me, despite the hours I put in haha).

Click below to download the overlay!


If you’d like to give credit, you can place this code when the overlay is first used:

readerMessage Made from Episode asset by @bianca.hail on Instagram. with messageTitle Overlay

Also, while you’re here, be sure to check out my nifty template in my Carrd for a better method of gender selection branching!


Bump for anyone who would find this useful! x