Forced Marriage Stories Need To Stop


I understand arranged marriage stories are common on Episode, but they need to stop. This possibly horrifying reality you could write for your character is also a reality for some people I know very well. I recently found out that one of my best friends will be entered into an arranged marriage sometime in the future and another of my best friends was born out of an arranged marriage. My friend who will get one does not want to get married. It is not cute stop it.


Every writer can of course write what he/she pleases, but I agree. Forced marriages are against female rights, and idealising them or accepting them as something normal and okay is not okay.


A few words on this. It is NOT always forced marriage. Sometimes, it is out of choice. YES, it can violate the rights of women SOMETIMES, it can be a problem, but it has gotten a lot better in recent times, even if it still is a problem SOMETIMES. Many of my relatives are perfectly happy in arranged marriages- hell, my uncle chose to be arranged, and though it is a less common situation, he is very happy with my aunt, the two found each other through their families and it was a mutual choice for them to be married. One myth that should be dispelled is that arranged marriages always lead to eventual love or eternal unhappiness. This is not the truth, arranged marriages are NEVER limited to those two extremes. You can be happy with your partner but not love them. You can literally just learn how to tolerate each other and be friends. There are limitless possibilities for how it CAN ago and I am sick of seeing the same two.


I agree , but it’s not the only kind of story that must end - pregnancy stories , bad boy stories , hot virging nobody knew about but now for some reason nobody is blind anymore , the geek getting a trasnformation , etc…


Um there are plenty of arranged marriages that aren’t forced :face_with_raised_eyebrow:! I think I see what you’re trying to get at, but as someone whose culture has a lot of arranged marriages which people have the option of saying yes and no to. Many actually are happy in them like my parents are. I think this post is a little ignorant. There are of course ones that people aren’t happy with, same can go for normal marriages or relationships. I do agree that I think they should stop on the app because it’s always portrayed terribly. They always make the guy evil which a lot of the time isn’t the case.


I’m sorry if this post is insensitive.


I believe the author can do whatever comes in mind, I think it’s kind of cool how they end up wanting to get married at the end. It’s just my opinion (Not in real life)


Are against anyone’s right.


I understand where you’re coming from. Often in these stories the guy is often a violent gang leader or mafia or just rich. He’s also a emotionally and verbally abusive piece of shit. A friend of mine born out an arranged marriage who says she thinks her parents have a friend-type of love instead of romantic love.


Forced marriages and arranged are completely different things.


I think they make an interesting story and I personally like them, but not in real life.