Forever Maria shop overlays- backgrounds and cover (OPEN)

Bienvenidos a la tienda de arte Forever Maria

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mandenme sus solicitudes de overlays backgrounds y covers totalmente
aqui les dejo algunos ejemplos de mi trabajo con overlays



*No usar lenguaje inadecuado
*Nombre de usuario
*Especificar detalladamente las caracteristicas de el (OVERLAY-BACKGROUND O COVER) que necesite
*No presionar a la artista
*Solo contactar a la artista por este medio
NOTA 1 :El tiempo de espera es de 2 a 4 dias maximo
NOTA 2 : La artista se toma el derecho de rechazar solicitudes
NOTA 3 : Acreditar a la artista bajo este nombre @MariaDolores


  • Don’t use inappropriate language
  • Username
  • Specify in detail the characteristics of the (OVERLAY-BACKGROUND OR COVER) you want
  • Don’t pressure the artist
  • Only contact the artist by this means
    NOTE 1: The waiting time is 1 to 4 days maximum.
    NOTE 2: The artist reserves the right to reject applications.
    NOTE 3: Accredit the artist with this name @MariaDolores

Este es un ejemplo del tipo de covers que diseño :woman_genie:

y estos son los backgrounds que diseño

Funeral home fund for

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give it a like if you want up the background of pool

dale un me gusta si quieres fondos de piscina


hello, just wondering if you could please do a walk in closet background that’s like a rectangle shape instead of a square? Can you also make the cupboards with black doors if can’t it really doesn’t matter, just a modern walk in closet

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I will gladly design the background that you need a specific style of clothing that you want for the closet .

I have some examples of dressing room if you want I will show you and tell me if you choose any of those

closet for @_Ella_episode

closet for @_Ella_episode

beach for @_Ella_episode

Hi could you do a kindergarten class room for me?

hello if i can create the background you need you will get it asap

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kinder for @Authormiaquestionacc
please tell me if you want any change

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Could you get one that is 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall


kinder for @Authormiaquestionacc
please tell me if you want any change

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