Forgot name of romance story, please help!

Hey y’all!
I was halfway through a story about a female college student who is saved by a professor before her ex boyfriend has a chance to hit her.
She ends up moving in with him due to haveinf housing troubles and finds herself living with his two other friends, one of whom is an ex nfl quarterback.
If anyone knows the name of story please help me out! That stupid favorite the story button unfavorites it if you tap it twice.

I don’t know the name but maybe try the MCs name (the professor, ex bf or student) as some authors have a search list. If not just retrace your episode steps. Hope you find it! (I hate when I lose a story, especially if I really like it)

I have searched everything I could possibly think of and I haven’t had any luck. Thank you, I hope I find it as well! It is super frustrating especially when I didn’t purposely remove it from my favorite list