Forgot the name of a story -- highly frustrated

Hey guys! I totally forget the name of a story… It was about this girl that kind of becomes the secretary of this guy and she has like a dark backstory about her family and brother looking for her while she’s in NYC ( i think?). Then they hook up and the mom release a tape or whatever while he is in Canada ??? + the associate / best friend was also into her and @ some point she works at a cafe bc she was fired?
And also there is a kind of Gigi Hadid replica that drugs him and makes him believe they slept together?
I’m not even sure that’s from the same story but it’s frustrating me soooo much

Thanks in advance lol

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I’ve read a story like this. Is it Read my Lips?

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THANK YOU SO MUCH, you saved my night!

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You’re welcome! :blush:

Solved and closed. Thanks @Mya.writes! :smiley: