Forgot the title?

So, since I have been seeing many topic like this, I would like to create this one.

If you have forgotten a story title (no matter if that was Episode story, book, film, anime or whatever), write here what you can remember about the plot. We will try our best to help you find it.

Also, if you know the answer to somebody’s request, please don’t hesitate to answer!

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Hi, I think you could help me.
It’s an Episode story about a mean school girl. She stays at granddad’s and wakes up in 80s. Goes to school with her own parents and befriends with a nerd who helps to return home.


Is it this One?


You’re the best!!!
Yes, that’s it


Hi! I know this is a old post but I really need help.

I’ve been trying to find this classic episode story, I believe the style was Ink ( I vaguely remember the cover of it was possibly in the style of Ink? ). From what I could vaguely recall the cover was of the love interest hugging the main character from behind with a Lighthouse in the background.

The plot, from what I can vaguely recall, was that the main character and her friends go to the Lighthouse for the summer only for a mysterious boy ( or boys, I think ) to be there.

I’ve tried searching for it myself and even look at other classic recommendation posts to see if someone recommended it, but no dice.

I hope it wasn’t deleted, I know Episode removed some of it’s stories but they usually don’t remove Classic styled stories. If you know what I’m talking about it would be great, I really want to read this and it’s been bugging me.

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Hi! I forgot the title of an episode story. I remember that it was funny story about a girl who was a journalist. She met a retired policeman in a club. He called her mosquito all the time :smile:

This is an old post so I’m not sure I’ll get a response.

I’ve been remembering two stories that I loveddd when I first started reading Episode Stories.

  1. Is about a girl who writes episode stories, her mom has a friend who has to leave and the mom decides to take the friends son in so that she can take care of him. The main girl gets a lot of comments from someone who helps her improve her story and it ends up being the guy. I remember it well I just don’t remember the name.

  2. This one is rough, I remember it was older because I read it when the Demi Lovato story had just come out. I remember it’s about a bad boy and I’ve tried finding it but I can’t I don’t really remember the plot either so idk if I’ll ever find it LMAO but yeah

I think it’s My Episode Lover by Anneliese Allen.


So I’m not sure if it’s deleted… It probably is idk. So basically this girl was running from a dangerous ex boyfriend so she was placed in like a protection thing so he couldn’t find her. Then she met this guy I think his name was Reed and she fell in love with him but she is scared to be in a relationship with him because she can’t tell him about her past and plus she has to keep moving around because of the dangerous ex boyfriend. Where I was in the story is when she started to get tired of constantly hiding from the dangerous ex boyfriend because it’s dictating her life as it makes her unable to settle down… I’m not sure if I explained it properly. BTW Reed had two younger sisters if I’m not mistaken… Just suggest any story you think this matches up to. Thank you

I think it is, omg thank you

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I used to play a story where a girl went on a cruise and her siblings were there too. Their grandma or someone in their family left them an inheritance but they each needed to do something to earn it. Your character basically had to fall in love and then the story proceeds into a love triangle of sorts.

I think the story even starts off with your character finding their boyfriend cheating on her.