Forgotten book name

hi as my iPod crash I lost a book I was reading I have forgotten what it calls so here’s what I remember of that book

she was rejected by her mate because she was too human then she was tie to a tree then her pack cast her out then a dragon lady took her into hell her she had a second mate I think he was a king of the wolves from Scotland any luck thanks


Ik what it’s called hold on I was reading this not that long ago.

Is it Second Chance Mate

Basically in what you described is what this was about I think, she was rejected by her mate because she was human she missed her transformation because she got sick with cancer. She ended up trying to please him her sister noticed made up a whole plan to get her cast out of her pack one of the rules was to never lie who your mate was. Her sister said she told everyone that they were mates and was trying to steal him. What ended happening was they tied her to a tree and hurt her left her for dead. Her brother found her brought her to this old lady were she woke up, in the prophecy it said that someone would be reborn as the golden wolf.

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Thank you I’m rereading it again hope the writer update soon it an good story

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