FORUM: Clothing Request Thread

I haven’t made one of these in so long, so please forgive me if it’s formatted incorrectly. Anyway…

Bear with me with all the words here!

As of now, anyone who wants to create a request thread for new clothing- no, for anything, actually- has to create a whole new thread for it. And I think this is really unfair, especially while requesting clothing. As stated by the rules, Episode will only notice a feature request if it has lots of likes and lots of “support”s. The possibilities of new clothing ideas are endless, making it impossible for any clothing request threads to get noticed. While threads requesting things such as “separating outfits into closets” and “spinning a wheel for rewards” thrive (shameless self-promote on that second one there :joy: ), we rarely get what we’ve requested when it comes to clothing options.

This is why I propose a new way to request clothing: a clothing request thread. The concept is similar to that of the Limelight Wish List Thread. This would be a thread created by one of the admins, where we’ll be able to request clothing through edits, drawings, and images. Once a week, the Episode team would look through some of these and grant some of our requests through the weekly updates. I have lots of clothing ideas, but I don’t really request them. Why? Because I don’t feel as if they’ll actually get noticed. Having one thread instead of multiple threads for clothing requests will change all that. I truly believe it’ll be a game changer.

If you’re confused (since I tend to write sentences that drag on and on forever when I’m excited and then I start to make no sense), take a look at the Limelight Wish List Thread. Look at the instructions, then scroll down and take a look at some of the wishes. It’s… that kind of thing. Yeah. :woozy_face:

If you’re too lazy to read it all, I’m saying this: We should have a clothing request thread. But you should probably read the whole thing just in case.

Please like and support if you want to make this happen! :relaxed:



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