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I recently had an idea for a release day. I know we have the wish list and such, but what about one release where the community picks the items?

If any of you play the Sims 4, you may have recently scene the Sim Community Voted Pack (knitting stuff) Players voted for a theme and what items they would like to see.

My idea is something similar. On the forums, there could be a poll or a google forum asking community members what we want to see (EX: Background release, hair release, clothing release etc.) After getting feedback from that survey, another one with specific items (they could already exist but not be released, like stuff from the wishlist) and each person vote for 5-10 of them. The items with the most votes would be in the next release day.

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I am kinda of confused regarding the difference between this request and the feature request forum that you create this thread on…requesting a request section of the forums :laughing:.

Let me help out regarding this just in case some new folks are not in the loop. Every time a feature request thread is created we escalate everything about the thread from the title to the request to the number of people who liked it, etc. Episode directly reads the list and picks and chooses what gets implement based on some pretty mind numbing factors :exploding_head:

So as long as people create threads in the correct section, have people support them by liking the Op post as well as bumping the thread daily to make sure that it’s at the top of the feature request section…you should be all good :slight_smile:

If you have any suggestions regarding how to achieve this differently please let us know. I m pretty curious :astonished:


So let me get this straight? Like Episode posts a poll of things they could release and the one with the most votes will be published that week??


Yeah, something like that!

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Right now, for the request section, community members have the opportunity to suggest new items or features and those with support can be chose.

What I was thinking, was something that wouldn’t be a permanent feature. Right now each week, the team chooses a collection of assets to release to the community and usually 2-3 items are from the Wishlist.

My idea, was to have the community complete a survey or poll and select a few of their favorite items to be released one week.

I know it’s not very different from how the current system works. I just thought it could be fun for the community to feel like they’re a little more “hands on” in the process by voting for some of their favorite specific items.





support it would be fun




Support! This would be cool because episode and the community would have control of what they release.

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This would be cool, support!

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