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Goooooood day Episodians!

The forums and community are an ever changing environment that remain active and busy around the clock. So what better way for everyone to express themselves then by bombarding the forums with wacky and awesome Emojis :poke_pika:!

Scrolling to the bottom of the Emoji list in the text box you might have noticed we already have added some pretty cool & animated emoji content! But we have a problem :mctnt:…WE NEED MORE! That is where you come in! Please post your requests below along with links to the website or sites that host the requested emojis. It is very important to make sure that these are free and not from any suspicious looking sites, that way we can get them up asap :charmander_dancing:.

Please note: All submissions will be considered but ultimately not every suggestion will implemented, but please don’t let that discourage you from your requests!

P.S: If for whatever reason you are not seeing the custom emoji’s at the bottom of the list please let me know via PM. Thanks all :smile:

What is this? (Update?)
What is this? (Update?)
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Dab Emoji! Now, I am not sure the site for it, but I will check. :thinking:


A bored emoji please idk which one that is if there is one
Image result for bored emoji


A Wonder Woman emoji :smile: :facepunch: :heart:




:avengers_black_widow: Black Widow approves. Will get on it :raised_hands:


Thank you, I’m having approval from a Marvel character in order to get a DC one, so very interesting :smile:


Think of it more like a Captain Marvel / Shazam! sort of deal. The whole Marvel/DC thing has gotten a bit confusing over time, lol.


Bumping cause…no one want’s emojis? :pikachu2:


:avengers_black_widow: No way! You added her! :laughing: Yes!!





:avengers_iron_man: :avengers_captain_america: :avengers_hulk: :avengers_thor: :avengers_hawkeye: :avengers_black_widow:


Yo!! If you’re adding superheros, I suggest Scarlet Witch and Supergirl!!




:charmander_dancing: I love this one…


:avengers_loki::avengers_loki::avengers_loki: I thought this one was Link from TLOZ not Loki lolll (We need a Link emoji though)


a Thanos emoji would be awesome :relieved:


Can we have a emoji of Squidward dancing in the talent show


Like this one?


like this image