Forum engagement


Me and @Adam.Epy are announcing our forum engagement everyone! The wedding has yet to be determined lol


please don’t forget to invite me :yellow_heart:

And congrats on the engagement!

Is there anyway I can help? :blush:


I def won’t forget gurl

And I’m not sure yet we haven’t discussed a date once we do then I’ll let you know!


Lmao this is the forum engagement :joy:


Yup! Lol


I hope u can make the wedding cake :smirk:


Uh duh


Yayyyyyy and congrats again on the engagement!


ahahaha engagment I can’t deal :joy: forum engagement


I know I’m so lucky


Why can’t you be happy for me and your future dad :sob:


I’ve had ten husbands and one wife then I almost had a second but broke it off. I also have ten kids.


Yeaaaa i can’t keep track of that many kids talk about cheaper by the dozen lmao


:joy: girl same I had to make a list.




IM @Whoacoco daughter, yet i tell her to go to bed :joy:


inserts you’re not my dad meme


Can I be a bridesmaid?


Haha sure


@AS007 @Franciscax1 and @TillyStage0 are bridesmaids

@Chocolate_Mama makes the cake

But who can marry us :thinking: