FORUM FEATURE: Delete threads in Feature + Art Suggestions


So many threads in this category are locked. Please delete them! Don’t make biggest mess from this category as it already is.

FEATURED: Delete our own topics
FEATURED: Delete our own topics

You can delete a thread if you made it yourself… right? :thinking:


No actually, you can’t. But honestly I think they should keep them so people don’t have to ask the same questions over and over again and can search for them.


That would be ideal (others not to ask the same thing that has been answered before), but a lot of people don’t read thoroughly before asking something. Many of the directing threads answer all basics and more, yet people create new ones and @Dara.Amarie @RudeInception and others have to directly them to the link of these threads. I think this is inevitable… :woman_shrugging:t3: but hopefully this would change one day, as the sections get too crowded :smile:


support like honestly


agree! pleaseeee




Yes, I agree. It would be great if threads could be deleted (that way if you have a question, you could always look at the threads that have already been created, are very helpful and have the answers you’re looking for).


supportttttt we need this


Bumping this :grin::revolving_hearts:


I love this and support it a hundred percent! Bump!


bump :smiley:


Bump :sunny: