Forum Feature: Deleting Replies on our threads


Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to delete replies on our own threads. Before for supporting this I want to explain what I mean to you.

Lets start with some common request questions:

  1. What does this feature mean?
  2. How would we do this/ get this feature?
  3. In what ways would this feature benefit the community?

Question 1 “What does this feature mean?”:
This feature means allowing thread creators to delete comments-replies by other non-creative community members on their thread. So say someone replied to this thread, I as the creator of this thread would be able to delete that comment and any other.

Question 2 “How would we do this/ get this feature?”:
We would do this feature by going to one of our personal thread/ threads we created, clicking the 3 dots on the comment(s) we want to delete and click the trash can, so rather than only being able to delete our own comments we could delete others on a thread.

Question 3 “In what ways would this feature benefit the community?”:
This would benefit the community for many reasons. 3 examples of this are …

Less Spam

Being able to delete spam replies on threads would result in less spam, less people getting banned and threads not to fill to the 10k limit quickly.

Less hate being shown

Being able to delete hate replies in a thread would help for the following reasons.

  1. This would help art shops that don’t tolerate hate or bulling in the thread to, rather than flagging and the hate reply still being there, be able to delete the reply from the thread to show “hey this isn’t tolerated, your reply will be deleted and you will be banned”

  2. If someone is bullying someone on your thread this would give you the ability to delete there replies and stop further events from occuring or other people from finding the thread and hating on the person being bullied.

Copyrighted material

This would help to stop copy right material from being further shared on the thread, such as images or art not made by the person posting the reply. This helps to prevent legal issues that could occur to new (and possibly old) written or artists who didn’t self check before using the material (an easy way to do this is back searching it in Google chrome). Which the writer portal should have a “Permitted Image/ art resources”, next to the art catalog, payment info, etc. (Those 4 headers at the top", but that’s a separate request.

But basically this would stop people from sharing copy right material any further.

If this flops :dolphin: or get closed :closed_lock_with_key: then I was never here :see_no_evil: and if someone could please :pleading_face: open :unlock::key: or make- re-make the topic that would be amazing :trophy:

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