FORUM FEATURE: Reorganize Episode related categories

As I see it, Episode related categories are now in 2 major categories and no wonder people are getting confused.
I suggest to reorganize them like this:

From COMMUNITY remove Episode fan community (and rename it to simple Episode Chat).
From COMMUNITY remove Promote your story.

In CREATOR’S CORNER add Episode Chat meantioned Above.
In CREATOR’S CORNER delete Share Feedback and create a new merged category Feedbacks & Promotions.

In this post New category: Tutorials I already suggested to split directing help and tutorials in 2 categories.

All meantioned would look like this:

Like if you agree :heart:


All of it it good, but i think they should keep the Episode Fan Community tab where it is. I just don’t see why it would go under the creators corner tab, since that’s the category for writers

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