FORUM FEATURE Style & Art Updates: Likes & Dislikes


In category Announcements there’s a subcategory Style + Art Updates
where new outfits are posted and other news.

I suggest to put within every thread Likes :+1: and dislikes :-1:
Lately there are many failures from Episode designers, posting outfits and backgrounds- old ones as if they are new. Some outfits are not usable, because they are in bad quality or missing part for complete outfit.

There are many people here, talented and capable enough, to be hired instead of the current. Everyone is replaceable.
If any designer gets more dislikes for published designs in last month, can be fired.
Why keeping them if they don’t do their work as they should?


Do you mean having a like button (a heart) and a dislike (heart broken) button on each and every post? :thinking:


Yes, on Announcement post, not on suggestions :heart:


Oh, OK, thanks for telling me :revolving_hearts: