FORUM GAME || Murder Mystery ||

First of all we need rules…

  1. If you join the chat, and you see people are in the middle of the round, please be patient and wait for the next round.
  2. This game requires ten people. 3 Murders… 7 innocents…
  3. Have fun and experiment!
How To Play!

They are 3 murders and 7 innocents… I will pm you what you are, and then if you’re murder, you pm me who you want to kill and they are dead, the innocents have an intermission, then afterwards you guess who the murder is, if you guess wrong, the murder will strike again another night, if you guess right you become the sheriff and kill the murder!


List Of Players

Status Of Round : Waiting For Players…


How do I join

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I want to play.

This sounds fun! Mind if I join? :grin:

Hi might join!

Can I join

Can I join please

May I join? I love these kinds of games.


We can do with 7 people, I’ll pm you your roles, don’t tell anyone!