Forum Guidelines Reminder: Art Threads and Flagging

Hello Episodians! :smiley: There have been some recent issues with art threads containing content that is not in line with our forums guidelines, which you can read here.

We strive to keep the Episode forums a positive, uplifting community for our artists and authors! With that in mind, if you come across any content that is not in line with our guidelines, please make sure to flag it. This will notify the forum staff (such as myself!) that a possible violation has occurred and needs to be reviewed. :smiley:

The kind of content that should be flagged includes:

If you’re unfamiliar with the flagging system, here’s a quick summary:

Click image next to the Reply button on a post and you’ll see this:

Click the flag circled in red and select one of the four options provided.


If you’re unsure which flag best fits the post, or you have additional information to add to the flag, please select the “Something Else” option. :smiley:

As always, please keep in mind that attempting to moderate another forum member’s behavior is a violation of the general rules:

Thank you!
The Episode Forums Moderation Team :smiley:


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Hello Episodians! We’ve noticed recent issues with art threads not aligning with our guidelines. To maintain a positive community, please flag any content that violates our rules, including plagiarism, trolling, and harassment. If you’re unsure, use the flagging system or PM @Sydney_H. Remember, attempting to moderate others’ behavior violates our rules. Thank you for helping keep our community safe and respectful. - The Episode Forums Moderation Team :blush:

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