FORUM: Limelight gem choice requesting clothing thread

Hello everyone!! So I thought it would really be cool to have a gem choice clothing thread and I know other episode writers would like to have a gem choice requesting clothing thread also. Hopefully episode listens and sees this and create a gem choice requesting clothing thread. But if you agree reply support. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
@Melani3 please see this and create a gem choice requesting clothing thread.




Any premium outfits that cost gems in a story are and will always be unavailable for us to receive, unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face: however there is this thread - Limelight Wish List Thread! - in which you can share any assets (clothing, backgrounds, animations) you screenshot from Episode stories that do NOT cost gems to have, and request them there.
Every week for the art release, we’re usually given 1-4 items that are requested on that thread :blush:


I don’t think that will happen since premium outfits are what sets Originals and community stories apart (and I don’t see them giving away all, if not most of the things that rake in revenue from their own stories), some of them may also be under a contract too which disallows them from sharing them with us until such time that the contract becomes void. With that being said, I’ve seen them share gem outfits before and parts of gem outfits, but it is up to the staff to release them to us (ones they can legally share ofc).

There is a thread in which everyone can share gem outfits though:

But it would be nice to be able to request gem outfits and possibility be given a list of the stories that don’t have items under contracts, so I support.

I personally want the motorbike helmet and knight armor. 🥲