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It’s a mix of both i guess :woman_shrugging:t2: Idk I’m just looking for a nice boyfriend or hubby lol


Good luck honey. I’m looking for my Li Shang (aka Mulans husband, I’m mulan and s/he’ll be my partner)


Lmao I love Mulan


Ik she’s so hot


Lmao I was always the only one who loved her in my class


What are all the other people blind or can’t see real beauty even though it’s right there?


Lmao they always be like
I love Aurora she is so pretty
I love Cinderela

and I’ll be like MULANNNN


Mulan stood up for herself and didn’t need a prince. Cinderella and Aurora couldn’t survive without their princes.


Yes exactly I love how independed she is and how brave she is!




im more of a cinderella gal


sees thread
looks into thread

questions life, then walks off


pretty much describes everything lol




no one wants to marry me lol


@Nightary is my forum soulmate and she hasn’t been online in some time but I’d totally marry her


I asked Secretz_lol to marry me!