Forum Riff Off 🎤


So I’ve decided to make a mini competition! Having troubles on deciding who’s the best rapper? Well, here is the right place to rap your hearts out! You can also do it for fun! I’m the host of course, I’m actually a rap queen my friends are witnesses I will be selecting the winners!! :smiley:


So…How do we do this?

Do we choose a subject or something?


Oh so basically you come and tell me who you’d like to rap against.


And you start and I’ll choose the winner!


Anna you genius!!

not part of a battle


Genuis is my second name! Anna Genius Smith.


LOL :joy:But thanks doe.

Rap Entry

RapMaster’s part (@Franciscax1 me)

Rap with passion
Come back in fashion
You see how it shoots
Potatoes coming from the roots
Potatoes wear Gucci
Tomatoes slide in Fendi
The limo’s aren’t enough
Potatoes are tough
Box it
Have the one way ticket
Guess who has the black belt
Feel the way you’ve never felt
If you don’t think this is enough
Go on the Forum Rap Battlez
Better than your football tackles


Dang that was good!


We’ll inform as soon as someone else comes and tries to beat that k?


Can I…?

and not tryna be rude, but can we re name this thread as Forum Riff Off?


Mhm, I like it. Sure rap against my daughter.


Whose your daughter, boi?




what a legend for making a thread like this :joy: I wanna join lol. Normally I write silly rhymes but ill give rapping a try loool.

Came across this thread and thinking oh my gawd
Maybe doing rap wouldn’t be so hard
Started jotting down all the things that came to mind
All the right words id try to find
Ive watched a few rap battles on youtube
Ive tried but failed, I’m still a noob
So here I go, what do I even write
I hope I get through this rap battle fight

Lol what was that bye


OOh we have a tripple rap battle Manik VS Fransica vs Eva!


Eva is winning so far oo!



Lame Rap Entry by @Manik

Bad boys and bad girls
Billionaires with Rad cuts
Mafia mans with 'em bad guns
All this shiz found on Episode
But on the Episode forums we got
The awesome and diverse people with a lot
Of humour and potential and lotta trends
Which the outside peeps just wouldn’t understand
We are The Episode Forumers, bishes
To Yours Truly, we send 'em best wishes


That is so awesome popo!


Ayyy thank you, boi! :sunglasses: