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Alright choose who you think won this time

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I might have a entry, for the next round…

Here it is:

Look at me,
Look at you.
You’re all I can,
Fight with.
I’ll keep on nodding, how ‘bout you?
I’ll make you look, stupid.
Even if, you take me down,
I’m still winning.
Hoping that, you won’t die.
But when you do it’s…


Try, try, try. But you won’t catch me,
Move it.
Doesn’t matter who you are,
Bleep it.
Get out, you’re wasting my time.

You’re as slow as a sloth.


Alright we are waiting for someone else to come.


Here’smy entry then @annamariez

I’m Dedidcated
Self Educated
I can say it, but I give myself the choice to spray it.
I really hope I make it.
They don’t want to give me a chance, that’s okay, I’ll take it.

I don’t want to be the one to tell you, but you’ve made your point, pretty blatantly
Wonder if this will ever change for me
They’ve been waiting not-so-patiently

They are Wakandan, I am Njehie.
Not a translation, so you do not play me.
Not one to boast, but I could do this daily.
Intentions are positive, negative, changing

Feeling like a waste
Look like copy-paste
Do it with no haste
Talents are appraised
Bet they’ll be amazed
These are the hidden things.

These are the hidden things

Better things.
Looking like,
Ashy knees.

I was on the ground,
Didn’t think.
Life was just,
So easy.

Dirt springs.
If you hear this on the radio, feel free to sing.

Thank you for,
I miss when, things were just little things.


Nice! Vote ya’ll fave rapper ya’ll.

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Congratulaions, @Surface_Hyena57!


Another round?


Should this go like…

Anyone vs. Current Champions/Winners?

Or will it go by a different system @annamariez?


@annamariez i’d love to enter! Do I just type a rap?


Rap entry


Stop right there I will take it slow
Since 1 add 2s something you don’t know
Listen carefully you better take it in
I’ll only say it once then I will win!!!
everybody knows hialexhi is the best
She shreads these beats like it is a quest
So don’t take me on cause I’ll win every time
Because I am swag and even better at rhyme

So as you read this and you think I’m great
Now your read it again
You’ve took my bate


My new entry???

All I hear is chatter.
Babble from the streets.
All I hear is butchers,
Beating up the meat.

Going back home.
Where the family meets.
Going back home,
Where I hope to see.
Street lights,
A feast too.

Maybe, I’ll try and invite you.
But when one thing leads to another,
I’m sorry. And maybe you are too.

There’s no other way to feel about you.
Street lights,
A feast too.

Maybe in my dreams,
We hope for peace.
But all that comes next?
Is blood,
Maybe bore.

We’ll cry in silence,
Waving our flags while crying.
Feel free to whistle,
That’s the only sound we’ll hear again.

And when the world is once more free,
You’ll be hearing from me.

This is a tribute to all who have fought for world peace.






Wow, nice idea for a thread! I hope I can enter this too!

My Rap Entry

Bully Boi
Walking through the evil
Gates of school,
I enter the bustling hallway.
Shielding my face
With my worn down books,
I desperately wanna get away.
Harvey Fisher - the name that
Continuously rings my mind.
Speak of the wretched devil,
He came up to me from behind.
I suffered the punches,
I suffered the kicks.
He left me there on the hallway floor,
Vulnerable to the other students’ tricks.
That’s it! - my mind, my soul,
Finally screamed out one day.
I stomped off,
To the class teacher’s desk.
I rote off
My problems
To Mr Enrique Halloway.
And exited the school,
At the end of the day,
Hoping for the best.
But cruel fate got in the way.
And so the history was rest.
Fisher guy had won.
I was done, and done, and done.
This ain’t gonna stop.
I got punched, I got the kicks.
My plan was a flop.
And I lost…


Okay, so, you know I love rapping. I didn’t say I was good at it! Oh well

My Rap Entry 😎

Bow down to me

In a race, you can’t catch up
I’m the best in the lineup
Why you here? Was this a mixup

Throwing shade in my face?
Nah, it’s a disgrace
A disgrace to the whole human race

Your raps are crap
(Sorry to break it to you)

I can roast you, get ready to be mesmerized
Get more polite, try to be civilized
You mad at me? Get ready to be terrorized

It’s not that hard to realise I’m the best
You a little Oompa Loompa, you’re just a pest
Your face is a mess
You the less
I’m the blessed

Hope y’all enjoyed it!



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