Forum Semi-Exposing People


Does this make anyone else a bit uneasy? I was just wondering not complaining. I can imagine this on this thread right now “Dr.Smile07 hasn’t posted since December 22nd.”


I know right, kinda weird


LOL! Yes… I’ve been wondering if mine says “Amberose has posted 400+ times this week, tell her to get a life”

Someone please confirm


Can confirm. It also says ‘Ambrose gtfo the forums and do your work’


Lmao. Yeah, it’d be creepy if it actually could do that.


I knew it :unamused:


Yeah, that makes me feel really weird. I mean, I know the internet remembers everything, but I don’t want to be reminded of this. … It almost makes me feel as weird as four days ago when I received a badge for being on forums every day for a year. Whaaat? Why do I (or we) need to know this?


It’s basically saying, congrats, we know you don’t have a life (that was a joke). I’m scared to get that badge now because I’d feel a bit… weird? I don’t know how to explain it but it’s one of those things I just really don’t think I need a badge for because it seems a bit excessive to me.


HAHA! Great minds think alike. This is literally the first thing I said to Rosie (@/amberose) when I received the badge. It’s massively weird and creepy. … To be honest, I think the badge thing is pointless. They’re incredibly stupid and rather childish. I don’t see why we can’t just have a place to be creative and communicate with fellow writers/friends, without turning it into some kind of involuntary competition as well.


Lol, you’re right and that, again, is so creepy that I’m not gonna log on to the forums for a day every 30 days so I won’t get it.


I’m just gonna collect them all here so they can see how creepy it is.


Found another for you… We should just make this a “welcome back” thread :joy:


Lol my one probzaz says “VIwrites1 has been the weirdest person on the forums, throwing a party with a bunch of fruit.”


I love this​:joy::joy:


Have Dr Smile and I found our new favourite past time? YUP :yum:



Lol. It’s gonna start saying we have no life if we do make this a past time.


Lol. Fruit?

Thank you!


I guarantee that once a mod sees this thread they will started working on one like that just for us


Hahaha, yeah. No further comment just in case.


Yep. I once grabbed all the fruits in my house, gave them some hats, glasses etc. and had a huge backyard party. Sometimes idek how bored I am to do such things. Of course I played Radio Ga Ga