Forum Semi-Exposing People


I lowkey think that’s a very defining characteristic for a person to have, but I highkey hope you’re kidding


This definitely does not make us smile :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lmao. Nope, but I did cringe upwards.


It’s a little odd, but I like it.



Lol sadly i’m not. :scream:


Hmm, out of curiosity, why? :thinking:

Lol. You are a very distinguishable character <3


I just like to see the people who are new and I feel like it’s a little like a welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re right. That aspect is a very good one and not creepy.


Found some more lol.






Even the staff get exposed lol


Lol :joy::joy::joy:




Lol was expecting to find one of myself. I joined the forums not to long ago :rofl::thinking::joy:




It’s just a social feature that Discourse implemented into the platform. I think it’s main purpose is to motivate user’s to engage with eachother and based on this thread it seems to be working :wink: . Feel free to keep leaving feedback. I’m curious to see everyone’s thoughts on this.