FORUM SUGGESTION: Bring back the new emojis!

Hi, and thank you triple driple much for clicking on this thread!

I am making this thread because the majority of the people I’ve spoken to today either dislike or absolutely despise the new emojis. No kidding, call me a drama queen, but I teared up this morning over the new emojis.

So many of you guys’ favourite emojis are ruined, now. My caterpillar emoji just doesn’t look right anymore :bug: and @coco.xhic’s sun is wrong :sun_with_face: and the pleading emoji! It was so cute and now look what it’s been reduced to :pleading_face:

Let me just show you these monstrosities:


So if you want the old emojis back, the good old simple emojis that everyone loved, please show your support by liking or commenting! It would also be super appreciated if y’all could tag people who you know hate the new emojis like I do.

@k.w.episode @QueenChid @16AngelCat @phlegmatic @AlissaGrace @DazzledSnowFlake @BerryGoodGem554 @K_ArohaExo-L @The_Corgi_Queen @amberose @Cassandra_Dean @EliseC @BadassSaasha @Chocolate_Mama @OreoBiscuit @lvqbrl @Mashia @sofia2 @keiji @KerriStrwberry @Keeko


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