Forums Art Contest: Custom Badge Icons! (Closed)


Hello Episodians!

We are celebrating our new forums with an art contest, running from today, March 2nd - April 2nd! We’re looking for small, simple badge icons that will be made by and voted on in the forum community. We will announce the contest winners when we launch the new badges at the end of the April!

What are badges?

Badges are icons that you earn to reward you for participating in the community. You earn them for giving / receiving a like, completing your profile, inviting a friend to the forums and many other things! Once the badges are turned on you can see what badges you’ve earned by checking out the Summary tab on your Profile and scrolling to the bottom or by tapping the badge link in your menu.

Each badge has a symbol and a name, ex: examplebadge

The rules

These icons must follow our content guidelines, art rules and be submitted through the contest entry form before the deadline, April 2nd.

We are looking for art submissions that best represent the badges’ meaning. You can use Episode Art Assets if you want, but its not required. Unfortunately, using Episode Characters or assets from any of our Hollywood stories (such as Demi, Clueless, Dolan Twins, etc.) are not allowed.

Only one entry per person for each badge is allowed. You can submit more than one badge… Please do not submit more than one image per badge - we will only keep the first one.

Art submitted must be:

  • No larger than 50 x 50 pixels
  • Less than 1MB in size
  • Circular in shape
  • a .png file

Winners will get their art icon on the badge with an Episode blue border around it, a shout-out on Instagram, artist credit in a permanent forum post and have their name in the badge’s description.


  • Submission period: March 2nd - April 2nd
  • Voting period: April 3rd - April 16th

So, which badges are we making icons for?

You’ll be making icons for…

  • First Vote: You cast a vote in your first poll
  • Ice Breaker: You posted your first comment or reply
  • Speaking Up: You started your first topic
  • Good Samaritan: You flagged a post that was subsequently found to be outside of our guidelines by forum staff.
  • Monthiversary: You’ve been a member for 30 days!

Thank you all! We can’t wait to see all your wonderful art!


The Episode Team


Just to make sure I am getting this right. “Using Episode Characters or assets from any of our Hollywood stories (such as Demi, Clueless, Dolan Twins, etc.) are not allowed.” Does this mean we CAN use regular Episode characters?


Yup! Any character you can make in the character creator is okay, along with the clothing and backgrounds. Keep in mind, though, 50x50 pixels is very small, so a portrait may not turn out.

testborder2--arthere :arrow_backward: Actual Size


in this post you said “No larger than 50 x 50 pixels” but in the form it says “at most 20 X 20 pixels”. so which right?


Hey! I actually submitted an image for a badge and wanted to submit another for another badge, but it says that I can fill the form only once. :frowning:
@Trinady Help!


YES YES YES YES YES I am in!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’ll attempt this! :slight_smile:


also i’m assuming the badges need to be made from scratch or use content that has a public copyright license/public domain? (aside from episode art assets)


Oh! Apologies! Fixed it. :slight_smile:


Yup! Please do not use anything that is copyrighted or trademarked (Content Guidelines).

50x50 pixels! Thank you!


How can I make it so that the image will be clear when I resize the image to 50 X 50 pixels?


are you making it bigger or smaller?


I’m SO PSYCHED for this, I can’t wait to submit mine!


Oh, by the way, if we’re gonna use episode characters in the badge should we make them limelight or ink?


What do you mean by
“are you making it bigger or smaller?”
Isn’t the badge suppose to be 50 x 50 pixels? And that’s small so I cant make out whats on my badge when I resize it.


i was asking whether you had a smaller picture and wanted to make it bigger so it fit 50px, or had a big image and wanted to make it smaller. from reading this comment, i’m assuming it’s the latter, right? the only solution is to simplify your icon, don’t add images that have lots of detail. go for clean and bold shapes and colors. there’s really no other way.


Either character type works, but a portrait would be hard to see at 50x50. Excited to see what you make! :slight_smile:


@synecdokai has some good advice!

I would also start with an idea you want to show, and then try to transfer it to a 50x50 canvas. Once that’s done, you can see it at actual size and adjust accordingly.


Can someone tell me how can I do that art with this badge? I’m so confused…:confused:


You can use programs like Photoshop, GIMP etc to create a badge. You can use a circular canvas no more than 50x50 in size. Like you can use bold colors so that the badge is visible even though it’s 50x50. You can also use Canva but the canvas is high-quality so when you will resize it, it will get all blurry. Better to use bold colors. :slight_smile: