Forums Artists Appreciation Thread

There’s so many amazing artists on the forums that have helped a lot of people on here so this thread is to show your appreciation to an artist that has helped you out! (Ex: Made you a cover, made you an overlay, made you a custom pose, etc.)


Yassss​:sparkles::white_heart: A lot of artists I’ve talked to have had the biggest hearts and have helped me in becoming better
I look back at previous posts I sent and realise how desperate I sound💀

@RileyWrites made me my character card and was so kind :sneezing_face:
@PropertyofNae made my amazing PFP and is so sweet🥺
@PurpleRadiance made my previous PFP and had to deal with me not putting my form in first​:skull::eyes::black_heart:

Truly amazing people right here⬆️


Aw thank you :pleading_face::sparkling_heart::sparkles:

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Omg yes! :grin:

So @PropertyofNae is such a blessing! She is so kind to help other people! I love her art, it’s so mesmerizing. :heart:

@Noone_epi is such a boo! I freakin love her art! :relieved::heart:

@melaniesmall is also talented and I love her art pieces. :heart:

@ItsTerra gave me this cover and I am obsessed with it. Thanks terra, my pineapples will forgive you :pineapple::heart:

@Theebee2004 made me this intro and I loved it too much and decided to make it my large cover because it needs to be shown off :heart:

@pilot is also working on this piece and omfg I swear it will come out so amazing :heart:

@PhoenixLynn.writes is such a talented artist! Her art is mind blowing :exploding_head:

There are also many people on instagram and on forums I didn’t mention :see_no_evil:



Awww thanks hun. You’re amazing too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::purple_heart:

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@Jenaco she’s talented as hell with her aweomse editing of covers for my stories. Thank you so much for your hard work! :wink: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Hmm, who else am I missing… I know this isn’t everyone… XD

@tabbie.episode - goodness I miss you, where have you been? How are you?
@Jayl - amazing artist!
@PropertyofNae - u never quit, your artwork is fantastic!
@Problematic_Patrick - how could I forget about you? Art, mindblowin with covers, edits!
@Ao_writes & @Farah_DeSantis thank you so much for your help with menu games.
@fraud - ;.; you’re amazing!!!
@FlowerGriefer - amazing background, and overlays!


Thank you :revolving_hearts: You’ve always been so kind and a wonderful person to work with :sparkling_heart:

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Every time you write something best believe I’m stalking it :relieved: You’re amazingly talented :sparkling_heart::sparkles:

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Ty! :two_hearts::heart:

ayyy ilove u lana<3 thankyou sm!

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@ItsTerra @Jayl @PropertyofNae @molly247 @frey @marins @Noone_epi @Jess2112 @Cami_epy @epi.verve @melaniesmall



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and i wasnt even first, what. a. friend.

lmao jkjk thankyou loser<3


Shutupppp and no problem rat <3



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:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::two_hearts: lol

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Awh thank you :sneezing_face:

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aww jenn tysm, you’re so sweet :pleading_face: doesn’t mean im still not taking revenge :raised_hands:

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@versearrow CAUSE SHE IS A QUEEN AND DOES AMAZING ART AND IS A FANTASTIC PERSON :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pleading_face::heart: