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Oof. Is this an actual story?

and like,

this too?


I actually tried to find a bunch of the forum backdrop stories the other week lol.
I found a lot that I had never heard of that turned out to be like old episode official stories, and a lot were only 1 episode, instead of 3, and a few were in classic style. I couldn’t find Naughty Naughty though, along with a few others. I can’t even read what the yellow one says.


I never even noticed them tbh :joy: surely they can’t take other people stories down for that reason, if they are sort of promoting one called Naughty Naughty…


@random_life Yeah, they are (or were) actually stories on Episode. I’m not sure about the Naughty Naughty one, but I know the Sunset Single one (the yellow one or second cover) is a filler/mini-episode/side-story for the Demi Lovato: Path to Fame (Season 1) story. There are around nine of those for the series in which you can find it in the Featured section I believe, and should cost no passes.


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