Forums Closing: The blatant disrespect from Episode towards it's own community

That’s disgusting… Who even laughed at that.


Exactly my thought! :woman_facepalming:
A similar thing happened to a writer who implied an intimate scene with a character in lingerie. Meanwhile, it’s not even safe anymore to use both props and outfits they provide us with in the first place.

With the guidelines getting stricter and stricter, I’m beginning to think they’re deliberately trying to make it harder for authors to create stories. Now you’re not even allowed to discuss parental abuse anymore. Allegedly to protect underage readers, but some of them might go through something similar and feel seen. It’s always a question of how you deal with the topic, but I find it questionable to censor it completely.

Something similar has already happened in the horror and thriller genre, where ‘excessive blood props’ can no longer be used without the story being taken down. At some point, only cheesy rainbow stories will be allowed because everything will be banned.


It’s seems unless you’re making them bank with your story they’ll be like… :woman_with_probing_cane:t5:, but whenever it’s not making them enough, and if too many people report it they’re like……………….:rage::underage::triangular_flag_on_post::x:


the mystery / horror / thriller genre isn’t even what it’s supposed to be anymore. they replaced it with mafia romance or people who run away from a bad world and find peace like where’s the actual stories?!


I’ve had many a run in with Episode over their interpretations of the guidelines. What’s most frustrating of all is how inconsistent it is. I had a story reviewed and approved, then within 48 hrs another reviewer essentially overrode the first one and made me change something because of an “unwritten” guideline. Months later, when I saw that unwritten guideline being broken in an official story, I asked why they were allowed to do it and not me. This led to a back and forth with Episode over why they supposedly had this zero tolerance policy to begin with, and it essentially ended in “because we said so.” They couldn’t defend it at all. And even though they said the Original would be fixed, it’s still the same. Hooray for double standards!

But at least I got a Mod to acknowledge that their guidelines aren’t really PG13. So I’ll take that win.


Who I hope/choose to believe were the people who laughed at it:
People who thought it was meant to be social commentary on the double standards society has regarding race. Because this social commentary was paired with the cartoon “Family Guy”, rather than deep, introspective imagery, this image likely triggered the ‘shock’ necessary to illicit the brain chemicals that cause humans to laugh.

Who also may have been the people who laughed at it:
People who thought: “Yes, this is how airport security should work” or people who thought: “Haha, people actually think that this happens!”

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WTF!? How is this even allowed by the devs? This is utterly misleading readers and on top of it, cheating the rankings! I know it’s hard to get into the Top 100 of the romance genre because almost 99.99% of stories are romance-centered. But hijacking other genres should be better supervised!

As a fan of horror and mystery literature myself, I’d be beyond frustrated if I opened a book which is mostly a Fifty Shades novel with some little horror elements :joy: :roll_eyes:


Unfortunately, the devs have always been very permissive when it comes to putting stories in the wrong genre to trend. And it’s not even like “well, if you look at it this way it fits.” They’ve never cared about this issue, which is why most genres are overrun with Mafia stories at this point. It’s friggin ridiculous.


Hate Mafia stories so much, how do they get away with it? I like the parodys though like Chasing Cheeta or Dream High like a Hairline. I get why some may like them but this is why we need a mafia shelf. No hate to any one who writes or reads them and likes them, its not my cup of tea.


I…why do I feel offended. That’s just going too far.

PLEASE I hope the forums stay. I cannot imagine being in this community without it. I’ve been on and off forums for years and it has been a constant rock in my creative life. I’m so thankful for everything and everyone I’ve met. I truly hope we can keep the forums alive. Thank you for starting this thread.


It was literally so uncalled for; the mod took it down though, so win, I guess?


yeah glad it was taken down

this is RIDICULOUS. Why on EARTH would they close the forums???


if the forums closes im done with episode. they clearly dont care about their fanbase


I just started using episode forums, but I have been off and on writing for years. I don’t know the reason why episode is closing the forums. I never used discord before and do not plan to use it anytime soon. I know discord is a popular game streaming app that you can watch and communicate with people. I also want to say that I’m planning to write an episode story and if anyone wants to let me know what kind of episode stories ya’ll enjoy it will help a lot to plan my story.