Need some ideas on what to write about??

it would help if your write about want you like and what you would enjoy reading rather than what other people will enjoy


You might want to be a bit more specific in the title.
If you’re looking for views, just read what’s in the popular section. Grab some ideas from that. A lot of cliché romance/dramas are in style. Though, I would go with what @_hxxd said.
Experiment with things you enjoy. You can’t find happiness writing what other people want you to write. Find your own unique style. :wink:

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no problem

I don’t know whether I should ask in this forum but how do you make a character move to for example the right side but then face left what’s the code since the code I have for it doesn’t seem to work.

Are you doing this from the moblie app or on writer portal and you should go to the creators corner to ask this.

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