FORUMS FEATURE: Posting Anonymously

If you guys are familiar with Yahoo Answers, they have the option for users to ask questions anonymously for those that regret asking questions or ashamed of asking. Just like Yahoo Answers, we can’t delete our own posts. I’m sure that some of us regret making a certain thread and the only option we had was to have the admins to close it for us. This feature can be used for privacy and if some of us are embarrassed. What do you guys think of this? :thinking:


Maybe. It could encourage being toxic though, because they might feel like they have no consequences and might result in a lot of people getting in trouble. But otherwise, I think it’d be nice…?


That sounds like a recipe for disaster. That will encourage cyberbullying.

Let us be real for a second here. The forums is already anonymous as it gets. You don’t have to put your real identity on here. I don’t see the difference. The only difference is we can’t delete a post.


I personally think this would get a bit annoying, because you generally just don’t know who’s talking to you. What if someone said something mean? They would get away with it because no one knows who they are.


I agree with what the others have said above me, it could cause more trolling because the person knows that they can’t be seen.

I totally understand what you’re saying though, some people would rather not be seen and that’s understandable but unfortunately I think more negative would come out of this.

I actually like the fact that we can all see each other’s user names, It feels more personal, if you know what I’m saying.


This Will end bad, trust me. Any anynomous app/feature always leads to drama and hate.
I downloaded Tellonym like a year ago But I bascially only got hate on there in the beginning. People are too afraid to say things to your face But When They are anynoumous it gives them the freedom to say Whatever They want to you without having Any consequenses. I feel like the same things would happen here.


Same as umm, right. Sarahah. I think that’s what it’s called? I got so much hate and trolls and it was a big part of why I’m so ‘messed up’ now.


Yehhh. I never downloaded that app because I saw How Much hate people were getting. But me being stupid decided to download Tellonym anyways even though I know these anynomous apps always leads to hate. I don’t really care What people say to me online though, since they’re just some random person behind the screen Who probably barely knows me. It still does hurt a bit When people tell you that you’re selfish, annoying, stupid, worthless and that you should stop drawing/editing because you suck. The thing is I can bet almost None of these people actually know me behind these screens.
Anyways I think this feature would be used in a negative rather than a positive way.


I understand a guest feature just to get a quick question answered or something, but an anon feature is pointless on a site like this.

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This is a great idea, but it could also encourage hate, because there would be no repercussions…