FORUMS: Pronoun Options in Bio


You do realise that everyone uses pronoun, right? You realise what pronouns are? You stated elsewhere that you’re trans. If so, you use pronouns in the same way as a cis person. There’s no difference. If you’re actually genderfluid or non binary, you lied elsewhere.


It’s actually less hassle to just click on an option from a drop-down menu, but some people feel the need to fight everything.


Yeah, you’re right but it’s best not to respond too much to him because he came onto another thread saying how a feature shouldn’t be implemented and a whole argument started going back and forth between him and another user, which resulted in a lot of flags. I don’t want that to happen to this thread as well.

And I am sure a lot of people would use an option if they are given it and it’s for sure less of a hassle :+1:


Tell me about it! I’m gonna stick to my guns and keep requesting this. No one can tell me what to request :slight_smile:


Great idea! I don’t understand why it isn’t here (yet) tbh. I definitely support this! I am always really careful here with making assumptions about gender and ask people what pronoun they want me to use if I am not sure, so this would come in handy for everyone and could prevent awkward situations!


Now we do. Moved to Miscellaneous :metal:


Thank you to the (only) one user in this thread who followed the rules and flagged the offending posts. They have been dealt with. @Lynx.Link this thread is intended to show support for this request. Not to have a debate or discussion about it. Thanks.

@Lynx.Link if you would like to discuss this further please private message me instead of derailing the thread with off topic replies, as that is also against the forum rules. Thanks.


Yes! I’d love this!


I support this. 100%. (my pronouns are already in my bio, but this would definitely be helpful)


Support! :sparkling_heart:


Support. It would be easy to implement and very helpful.


Yes, it definitely would :hugs:


Also, Happy Anniversary of the day you joined the Forums @ShanniiWrites :partying_face:


Thanks for the support and for noticing :wink: