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Idk if this is the right category or not, but if not pls gladly correct me. :+1:t2::nerd_face:

it’s the background when you click on a persons username and a little window pops up it created a background for that window of whatever you’ve uploaded. i saw some of episode forum users have it but it’s moving and idk how to make it move, is it a gif or something i tried saving a gif but it only allows images idk how if anyone could help me it would really mean a lot! ty in advanced! :sparkles::white_heart:

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@miles.episode it’s a gif. You’ll need to download the gif you want to your device and then upload it as your User Card Background under Preferences on your dashboard. If you click my name, you can see I have one too! :smiley:

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Hey tnx, but it only allows images for me under in preferences ‘Profile’ and not a video or gifs :confused:

You should be able to upload the gif from your device once you’ve downloaded it. Just click the image icon for the User Card Background, go to the download area on your device, and upload the gif. :smiley:

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