Foster my heart / INK

I came a while ago, to share my new story. And after learning a lot of new tricks, working more onto it. I’ve decided to revamp the story.
I had a few reads, so I figure it was the right time to do it. I don’t know, if some of y’all are here but I wanted to share it anyway. And maybe, try to win some new readers!

Anyway, this is my new story. I’d love to hear back from you guys!

Here’s the link:


I’ll Read all episodes in your story if you sub to my new YT help. And of course I’ll provide screenshots


Hello lovely! Would you perhaps like to do a R4R? ,X

I’m sorry, but I can’t rn :frowning:

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It’s alright lovely np x

Hey, everyone!

I know a lot of you, don’t have an Instagram account to follow the updates and stuff. So, I thought I would give you a heads up here about the last chapter of my story " Foster my heart " because the last chapter is out!

For those, who didn’t know about the story. Well, feel free to check it out too! I’m very much open to some feedbacks, opinions, thoughts, theory whatever you would come with after reading the chapter. Even if it’s just to talk, whether it’s here or on my Instagram.

I also, still have my background character application form if you want to be part of the story as a background character. I added some of you to this chapter and don’t be sad if you didn’t saw yourself, you will for sure be there in the next chapter!

Thank you if you took the time, to read all of that. And I’ll see you soon! x


Hello, fancy a r4r??

The chapter 5 is out!!!