Found An Art Scene Artist!

ARTIST FOUND!!! I would like it to be realistic… I need a normal grey wolf with green eyes and then a white wolf with light blue eyes standing next to each other like the image I attached down below except having one be the white wolf with blue eyes, etc. Please post some of your examples and tell me your name or Instagram or whatever so I can give you credit (or how I should give you credit) Time to get it done by: Within the next two weeks would be great! Thanks in advance! wolves|259x194

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Here is the image I would like it based on.

I can give it a go for you if you like?

Sure, do you have any examples of what you’ve done? If not it’s fine, you can experiment and show me and I’ll decide :slight_smile:

I do have examples, not much in animal… only one horse drawing which was my first animal image but my other stuff is ink, LL and realistic based
Here’s a couple of just random ones I have to hand, you can see more on my instagram, which is the same as this username.

I love them!!! You’re really good! So do you want to work on making one for me, and just tell me when you’re done? And you can just DM me on Instagram @lunak.epi or on here if you want?

Thanks Sorry just deleted them as some are unmarked still and I don’t like unwatermarked art on here as it’s been known to be stolen
Yeah sure. I’ll send it on here when it’s done as Instagram really makes quality suck :joy:

Can I try I love Drawings wolves

Okay, thanks again!

I will only allow IF you make a different scene than what I asked first, since I have someone doing it already. Still have the wolf colors and eye colors be the same please. Other than those things you may give it a go and I’ll decide. Thanks.

You’re welcome…I don’t have a problem making this scene, but just purely to clarify I don’t make work for people getting it off of someone else too, I’m sure you understand as it’s a waste of my time. So as long as these two would be different I’ll still do it, Just thought I’d mention it :slight_smile:

Okay, I may or may not use the other person’s… We’ll see… Just nice to have options, I appreciate y’alls help either way! I really want yours for what I asked for, and it will probably be the only one, but if anyone else does one I would have it be different than what I asked of you anyways.

That’s fine. Sorry if it seems harsh but it’s just my non episode drawn works are commission only these days I just thought I’d like to have a go at the wolves as i wanted to work more on some animal drawings :grinning: but don’t want to waste time.

Oh no! I totally understand and appreciate it so much! I really want to go with yours, I just don’t know how to say no to other people without hurting their feelings… But I edited my response to the other person’s request.

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Haha it’s cool I get that problem :joy: I’ll get it to you once it’s completed

Great, thank you. Also, do you know how to make people stop commenting on this as I don’t need anyone else to do this?

Yep you mark the solution by my comment and then ask
@Jeremy or @Sydney_H to close the thread :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m sorry, I literally just joined the forums yesterday… how do you mark the solution by a comment? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (You must be getting annoyed with me, I apologize.)

Not at all it’s totally fine :grin: you should see a box with a tick in it under my comments it’s faded out but when you click it it should turn green.
If you can’t figure it out don’t worry it’s not necessary just makes it clear to others the situation is solved then just tag Jeremy or Sydney and ask them to close it :grinning:

Okay got it, thanks!

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