Four Words [GAME]


Let’s play a game and test the creativity of our lovely forumers! :heart:
You have to add 4 words to the paragraph below to create a story that makes (or not) sense.
Me: …He was there behind that tree and-
Next person: I knew it. With-
Next person: blood red eyes stared-
Next person: at me. I froze-


Last year, my boyfriend died of an accident. We were in an intense relationship of 3 years. And me? Well, my heart was shattered. No, it’s okay if he doesn’t come back to my life but, I want to have him here for 5 minutes and have a small-talk, same way we used to have under the stars on the grass. But it was, of course impossible. Or so I thought. One day I was lying on bed staring at his picture in great thought. I opened my contacts and stared at his. Mistakably, I made a call to his number. I, of course knew that the number didn’t exist anymore. It fell in the quarry alongwith Liam. But I was surprised. No, surprised is an understatement, I was shocked when he picked it up…


Is he alive or-


Maybe he is just-


Haunting me, but why…


Perhaps he forgot to—


Bring his phone when…


He was flying in-


The accident to save…


The orphans. How could—


This happen? Not possible-


If it is, then…


Who is answering the…


Phone, it is constantly…


Making sounds but its…


just his harsh breathing


But he was dead?


Maybe his phone was


Found by someone else


If it is, then


who is answering it?