Foyer mansion modern remake

Is there anyone who is interested in remaking the Foyer mansion? Because I want a scene with that background but the door is open and it’s day. Also if you are interested in making it can you make one with the door open and then another one with the door closed?
I know it’s a lot.

i might be able to edit it for you, what exactly is it you want?

I want the Foyer mansion but it’s like dark. In my story it’s 6am and I want the door closed and then a second one with the same things just the door closed.

just so im understanding correctly, one thats dark with the door closed, like the whole room is dark or just ouside? and you said the door closed for both so whats the difference between them?

like these?

Yes, just like that but can it be a little brighter please? Thank you btw for doing this.

hey! sorry it took so long these are little lighter

Thank you sm!

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youre welcome!