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From: Francisca x


I don’t know what to write any further in the second episode of my story…

What’s your story about?

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It’s a thriller. It’s also a sequel to my other story, and in Limelight. So, here’s the best description…

Rest in Payback Plot

So, it revolves around a woman who’s younger sister has died because of another woman. Linda Romero, the MC, wants revenge on the woman who killed Savannah Reid, her sister. Pamela Serrano is the woman who killed her because of jealousy and anger. This is set 2 years later. The thing is, when Linda went to Savannah’s family to tell them that she was their daughter/sister, they rejected her. So Linda never really got to help or communicate with Savannah much before her death. Now, Pamela and Dave Werner (her boyfriend), they got away with it. Somehow. However, they spilled the blame on someone else: Layla Duncan, Pamela’s best friend. There’s other characters too. Like Stephanie Miller, Lauren Holloway, Amber Hutchinson, Melissa Reid, Clara Vasquez, Victoria “Vicky” Beckford, Stella Romero, Derek Walter, Carmen Bianchi, and many more. So all of these characters are involved in the plot somehow, and have their own storylines. You can also customize your own MC. And the choices you make can impact whose side you take: Pamela’s, or Linda’s. The characters are very diverse, too. Like, Linda’s an Italian-Latino, Pamela’s Puerto Rican, Amber’s African-American, Layla’s Mulatto (Asian and Black), Carmen is Italian, Derek’s Hawaiian, Lauren’s a transgender Australian, etc. Anyways, it’s a thriller story, mostly about revenge. I don’t know whether to include romance or not. And I just introduced Stephanie into the storyline in episode 2, and she’s planning her own revenge against Mrs. Walter and Derek. I’m rambling, sorry. Just read it to understand what I mean.

Moved to Directing Help & Tips since that is what you are offering. Thanks! :v::peace_symbol:

What’s your first episode about?(sorry if i’m asking too much).

What It's All About

The first episode introduces the protagonists: Linda, Carmen, Derek, You, Lauren, Peter, and Dave. So, it starts off with a short flashback to after Savannah’s funeral, when Linda is at the graveyard. Then after that scene, is the customization of you and your mom. Right after, Lauren is introduced. After, Pamela. And then Carmen and Derek… Basically, you learn about some of the characters. Like, why Linda wants revenge, what Pamela’s like… And so on. Plus, we meet Peter. So, the first episode is a “base” for the story.

Help For Your Second Episode..

Maybe the next episode can be a build up, so you can make the scene be a bit chill at first and then some of the characters can act a bit strange to the main character and then the main character should feel like everybody’s hiding something from the main character and then one of the closest people can talk to the main character and say only a tiny bit of the secret that everybody is hiding from the main character, during the end of the episode, make another character that nobody ever expected to be there, be there and make them tell the main character that the main character has to do something secretly for that person and nobody has to find out, it will be a bit of suspense for the end of the second episode. Does this help?

That would work. Since I already introduced Stephanie. I was thinking that after her scene, would be Clara and Melissa’s.


Yeah. I was wondering if I should put choices in this episode

Put outfit choices, story choices, hair choices, lipstick choices.

That’s smart!


You’re welcome