Frankenstein’s Creative Cult

:crazy_face: Have you tried to make an art scene?:crazy_face:
:pensive:Have you just failed miserably?:pensive:
:see_no_evil: Well then welcome to the Frankenstein’s art shop!:speak_no_evil:
We make the most hideous pieces imaginable! For free!!!
:brain:Request today! :brain:
:star_struck: Gorgeous :star_struck:
Cheeto filled work


Unicorn's art work

[details=“Jessica’s art work”]
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My Artwork


Mg's art work


Rules heheh~

We recommend you to read everything for a better experience.

Please use the password Joke
Without the password you MOST LIKELY won’t get a reply back.
This is to ensure that you have respected us and our editors by reading the terms of service

Rules On This Thread Are:

  • Be kind and respectful to others.
    This means no rude comments. 1, rude comments aren’t excepted. 2, Use correct grammar because otherwise it could come off offensive. 3, dont nag/rush the artist they will PM you when they are near finish otherwise you can politely PM them yourself.
  • Use Appropriate Language.
    This means that you cannot use abbreviations of swearing or pornographic/Inappropriate language, no memes is another thing sometimes again it can feel defensive towards the other person, no swearing.
  • No Thread Hopping.
    This means you cannot ask or request from someone else when requesting from us of course you can request a different art piece but not the same one.
  • No Stealing Art.
    This means you cannot download, screenshot, upload, use any of our art our artist have arule of which is they directly tag and state who it goes to and who can use it even if they forget theirs absolutely no stealing art. You will be reported and PM by us personally.
  • Credit.
    Every artist has their watermark even if they dont you must credit them or you will be reported and PM by us personally so you must credit for your sake and our(s).
  • No Art Or Sharing.
    What I mean by “No Art Or Sharing” is that we do not like it when our art is shared on anything other then Forums, Episode Interactive, or Instagram. Also dont share other art threads or story’s here it is off topic and not appreciated this isn’t for sharing art threads or story’s its for requesting art from this specific thread.
  • Use Our Art.
    Making art takes a while to make and when someone requests from one our beautiful artists and then doesn’t use their art can make them feel bad and annoyed same applies with us, we dont except it and will not let you request again from us if that happens.
  • Use The Password.
    The password joke should be used to prevent miscommunication between a requester and editor. Everything you need to know is in the terms of this thread. If you deny reading, please head elsewhere because the editors apart of this thread are here to help and are doing you a service for FREE .
  • Requesting
    It’s completely fine to request multiple times as long as you don’t already have an edit in the making. It’s not fair to other people waiting.

Waiting List:
Also tell us who you want the art work from :paintbrush:
@jessica.epi @MG_789 @TheParisLover @UnicornPlayz.Episode

[ "Paris decent art y"


I have no idea


@TheParisLover do you have any examples :eyes:


Fill out the forum
What do you want? (Covers splashs art scene

What artist do you want to make it? (Jessica, Viberza, Paris, Mg

Characters? (if any)

Edit or drawn?




Put it in the thread post not comments lmao


n o


im adding it

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Come one come all plz