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You all know the rules but I might as well list them out anyway for the newer people in our community

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  7. Have Fun!

As always, if you have any questions about the rules, or the RP in general please ask! I’ll be happy to answer.

You wake up in a well lit room. Everyone is sprawled across it, some lying on beds, the couches or the soft carpeted floor. Everyone is groggy. How did you get here?

Another odd thing you notice is on everyone’s shirt is one of those: “Hello! My name is…” Tags. But instead of a name, a body part or trait is listed there instead…

On the table is a note, written in fancy handwriting:

“Hello my future child. I’m out on some errands. I’ll be back to start the process soon.

Love, Raquelle Whalkie.

The door is locked


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.: James :.
“Shit…” he grumbled as he turned to the side. “What’s going on?” James muttered as he ran his arm along a… shaggy floor? He jolted upwards as he snapped his head around. Why the hell am I asleep on some carpet? He thought groggily as he glanced around and realized every single person around him was a complete stranger. James backed away slowly as his eyes caught someone on his shirt. “My name is Jawline and Cheekbones? The hell?” He muttered as he got up slowly. Surely this was all a dream, after all one doesn’t simplt wake up in a strange room with strangers and strange clothes.

“Who the hell are you all…” James thought aloud as he glared around the room warily. This is going to be absolutely wonderful. I swear to god though if this is another prank by Katy I’m going to scream. This was a prank, right?

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Ophelia Milan
She opened her eyes to the comfort of a nice mattress. She thought that she had went to sleep last night, but instead she was out partying with her friends, but that’s not what happened. Last night was a blur to her, and she couldn’t quite remember what had entirely happened. She sat up straight from her bed, until she noticed there were people around her, some sleeping on beds, some on couches, and some on the carpet. She got out of the bed quickly, her feet nestled on the soft carpet. She looked over at the door, unsure if it was locked or not. She was supposed to be smart, and not checking would be the best way. She sat back down on the bed, then hugged her legs, unsure of where she was. All she wanted to do was get back home.

ORP: Approachable.



He found himself awake on a couch, his neck hurting from the odd position he was slipping in. He looked around the room. “What the-“ He mumbled to himself. He found himself turning angry. Why the heck was he here? Where even was here? He noticed a few people waking up to. He also noticed his weird name tag, and found that quickly add to his frustration. He stood up from the couch and began walking, not really sure where he was going. Suddenly, he found himself on the floor, laying on top of some boy. “What type of idiot falls asleep on the floor?” He said frustratedly, pulling himself off the boy.



Parsifal Hugh Wood

Parsifal awoke to darkness. Warm, smothering darkness. It took him only a few moments before he realised that he had his head under a pillow. Oh, He thought before lifting his head and the pillow on it. He quickly realised he had been sleeping with his head at the end of the bed and that he was not alone. Not alone in the slightest.

He looked around and spotted a girl on the same bed he was on with her knees up to her chest. He furrowed his brow a moment. He had no clue as to who she was. He noticed she had a tag on her. Obedience, eye colour and reasoning? What kind of name is that? He asked himself, before checking himself for one. Teeth and agility? His tongue slid along one of his canines. He refocused on the girl.

“Who are you?”



I woke up fuzzy headed. I opened my eyes and sat up, realizing I was on the floor. It wouldn’t be the first time I had woken up on the floor unknowingly, but as I looked around me I saw many other people around that looked just as confused as I was. I was still wearing my hat at least. I sat there on the floor looking around at everyone. We all had name tags on, but none of them had actual names. Mine said memory and survival instincts. I wondered why we were here and started trying to figure out how to get out of this place.

ORP: Approachable


Ophelia Milan
She turned around to see a guy on the same bed as her. “Who are you?” He had said. She looked him from waist up, noticing his shirt said teeth and agility.

"My name is Ophelia Milan, but I go by Lia. I’m assuming you’re teeth and agility."She said with a giggle. Even though she didn’t know where she was, it would be fun to live a little.



Olivia Lancaster
She woke up suddenly, and she jumped up, straight away realising she wasn’t at home. There were other people around her, some people still asleep, Or…dead? She thought. She saw on the table there was a note, and rushed over to see what it said. “Hello… future child?” She read out loud, looking around. What the hell is this place? She thought, trying to open the door to get out, of course it didn’t work.



.: James :.
“Idiot?” James growled as he stood up swiftly. “You were the one who fell on top of me!” He snapped as he eyed the boy up and down. “Don’t try and blame me, I don’t even know how I got here!” James added as he noticed the window. It was awfully high up and… what was this room? It had an assortment of furniture and decor but it seemed so… mismatched.

“Alright, did Katy or Mark put you up for this? Is this some kind of crap reality show they wanted to force me into?” He asked the stranger cautiously as he crossed his arms. This was not an ideal situation for him and he would definitely have a scolding with those two later. “Come on, the jig is up!”



Already trying to sleep with each other wow Silly power move XD



He rolled his eyes. “A reality show? Seriously?” Why would the heck would this be a reality show? He folded his arms. “If this was some sort of prank, I’m not in on it!” Alec insisted. He examined him. He noticed the nametag. Jawline And Cheekbones Interesting. He somehow found himself checking, looking at his face. Wow… Those are nice… He quickly let the thought leave his mind.

“Anyway, I want to get out of here.” He said looking around the room with his arms still crossed. “Are you going to help me or continue gawking in your ignorant bliss?” He said condescendingly.




I rubbed my forehead, with a moan. “What’s going on here?” I demanded, brushing off my shirt. I looked down to see a name tag clipped onto my button down. Fingers… Wth.


Parsifal Hugh Wood

“I’m actually Parsifal,” He corrected, not finding a reason to tell her his last or middle name. “Do you have any idea where we are?” He then asked, looking around the room. He could see multiple other people, most seeming to be teenagers. Hm. This is really weird. He thought. He then glanced to the door. Oh, maybe we can leave.



.: James :.
“You’re not- so wait- then this…” James paused as he glanced around. There was no way he had been… kidnapped or something right? No, of course not, things like that didn’t happen to people like him. Then again, he was the son of two famous people and… not everyone liked the Dubois family.

Ignorant bliss? Well sorry that I didn’t realize this was real. Kind of a weird situation, waking up to a bunch of strangers in an even stranger house!” James grumbled as he wondered what was up with this place. The nametags? The strangers? What happened? “But yes, I suppose I can help you out in trying to figure out where on God’s green earth we’re at and how to leave…” he answered slowly.



~ Sappel ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Where are the camera’s - GOSH DARN they are HIDDEN SO WELL!” Sappel looks around the room. “I guess I’ll just have to pose in every direction.” Sappel puts his hands on his hips and grooves in place for a bit, “You like that cameras, don’t you. Naughty cameras” Sappel continues to groove in a circle, then looks at a person, “YOU- I need a chi-tea mocha with no chocolate, and no chi. You feel? Azap” (ayyyy-zaap)

ORP : Anyone


Ophelia Milan
'I’m not sure where we are, or what this place is…"She said to him. He seemed like an okay guy so far, but she didn’t wanna pinpoint something for now. She looked at the door as his eyes laid on it as well. "You know, there was a girl earlier who tried opening the door, and I’m sure it was locked, I wouldn’t do it if I were you."She said, as she stop hugging her legs, then she crossed her arms.



Parsifal Hugh Wood

He furrowed his brow a bit when he looked at the door. He didn’t like the feeling about it all. He looked up at the windows, seeing they were too high to climb up to. “Who would lock us all in room?” He wondered out loud. He swung his legs off of the side of the bed and felt the plush carpet under his feet. He then looked over to Lia. “Do you know anyone here?”



ORP: I wish I could go back and read their original convo so I could try to recreate it somewhat. I miss it


He laughed. “Yeah strange. Don’t tell me your scared of this strange place.” He said in a slightly serious, slightly teasing tone.

He looked around the room. He quickly went to the door and found it wouldn’t budge and returned to the boy. “It’s locked.” He reported so much for the easy plans. The window was far to small and high up for that to be an option. Where even are we? He whispered quietly to himself. If he knew that and remembered how he got here maybe he could come up with some kinda of plan.



.: James :.
“Of course not, I’m just being cautious, stupid,” he replied harshly as he watched the boy mess with the door. “Well, that’s just bloody brilliant,” James scoffed as he wondered if there was any other exit. The window could be reached if they climbed on top of each other but that was absurdly idiotic. There was nothing left as far as James could see and he felt his jaw tighten. “There isn’t any other exit, is there? So we’re trapped.” Together. He finished silently as he glanced at the stranger.

“Might as well start cozying up to each other then…” Great.


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Olivia Lancaster
She was approached by someone who started giving… a coffee order? She lowered her eyebrows - was he a part of this thing? She thought. “Excuse me…” She asked with her eyebrows jolting up, she crossed her arms as she looked face-to-face at this person. They had a name tag, ‘Hello my name is Trustworthiness’? What kind of name is that? She thought.

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