Frankensteins {RP} Signups


I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that many interests in such a short period of time! Thank you! And luckily since I had most of the signup thread ready from the last one I had it all ready today. You will all have plenty of time to make your characters especially because I have a lot of things to work on that I didn’t have last time. A specific due date may be announced later Enjoy!


Excerpt from the diary of seven year-old Raquelle Whalkie

“I always hated when daddy got drunk. We were always so close and happy, except when he got drunk all of us got scared. Or at least we did. None of my siblings or my mom could’ve been scared after that night. They were all dead.

Daddy was an inventor. He created all sorts of machines and cool gadgets and stuff. Mom was always worried that the chemicals were ruining his brain. And ours too. I didn’t get it.

Whenever daddy’s inventions didn’t work, he would drink away the frustration. I wish he didn’t.

One night, I heard an explosion downstairs. Daddy was screaming in frustration. After a few moments he wobbled upstairs, obviously drunk. My momma and siblings didn’t notice he had a gun before it was too late. I jumped out of the window before he could get me too.

Daddy was not good. Someday, I will be good. I will be the most perfect mother ever, with the most perfect children ever.”

When Raquelle grew older, she learned she could never have children. With her lifelong dream suddenly crushed, she had an idea. If she couldn’t birth children, she would just piece together her own.

You have been kidnapped by Ms. Whalkie to help fulfil her wishes. She needs you to help piece together her perfect son and daughter. Your job is to escape, before she can turn you and your new found friends (or enemies) into someone else entirely.

Welcome to Frankensteins! This Roleplay is loosely inspired by the novel “Unwind” by Neal Shusterman, which is an amazing book.

To explain the introduction, Raquelle had gone insane because of her past. She desperately wants children to prove she can be a better parent than her father was. Since she can’t have her own “perfect” children, she wants to create her own Frankenstein style.

She has picked you out very carefully to insure she has all the perfect pieces to make her perfect children. She needs you for something important. What is it? Here are some ideas (You don’t have to choose from this list. These are just ideas):

(Remember, Raquelle Whalkie is insane. She can want you for the weirdest things. Maybe she wants you left big toe because she saw it in an ad because you are model for flip-flop commercials and instantly fell in love. Let your imagination soar.)

I would suggest reserving for which part(s)/trait(s) you want. Your personality and/or biography should be loosely related to why Raquelle wanted that aspect of your character.

Rules for sign ups:
1)You can have as many (or as few) characters that you want
2) Please keep boys and girls even
3) Be mature/appropriate with what she wants you for
4) Only 2 characters can have the same thing she wants you for (with some exceptions)
5) You can only have a max of 3 things she wants from you
5) Be creative!


Faceclaims: (Up to date as of 9/9)

If you have any questions, please ask!

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~Already Reserved~

Dexterity (1/2)
Reasoning (2/2) (1/2 Submitted)
Agility (2/2) (1/2 Submitted)
Endurance (2/2)
Obedience (1/2) (Submitted)
Voice (2/2) (1/2 Submitted)
Strength (0/3)
Intelligence (3/3) (2/3 Submitted)
Humor (2/2) (Both Submitted)
Creativity (1/2)
Eye Color (2/2) (Both Submitted)
Dance Skills (2/2) (1/2 Submitted)
Memory (1/2) (Submitted)
Trustworthiness (2/2)
Multilingualism (1/2)
Charisma (2/2)
Beauty (2/3) (1/3 Submitted)
Cheekbones (1/2) (Submitted)
Jawline (1/2) (Submitted)
Lips (2/2) (Both Submitted)
Survival Instincts (2/2) (1/2 Submitted)
Fingers (2/2) (Both Submitted)
Teeth (1/2) (Submitted)
Tongue (1/2)
Emotions (2/2)
Legs (1/2) (Submitted)


Reserve for Dexterity and Reasoning


Now I just wonder


Also reserve for agility and endurance :3


Think she want a brain?


Reserve for Assertiveness and Obedience.


Reserve for voice and strength and intelligence


Yeah. Specific parts of the brain atleast


Reserve for humor


Reserve for Creativity


How do the reserves work? I’m a bit confused.


Reserve for Iris/Color of the eye, and dance.


Reserve for Memory


It’s really easy. All you have to say is “Reserve for [thing you want]” It let’s others know what your doing and what you are taking. It pretty much is just letting the creator/other RPers know that you want a spot in the RP

Hope that helped!


Can I reserve for dance skills and endurance?


Could I reserve for… Trustworthiness (if that’s possible) and/or Multilingualism?


I have a somewhat idiotic question, but for faceclaims is it only irl people?


Reserve for Charisma and Voice


Reserve for obedience and eye color.

Can we pick a third trait or just two?

If so, I reserve reasoning as well.


omg this was my favourite rp!! can i reserve beauty? if not i’ll go voice