Freckles on Episode


I think that Episode should have freckles, moles and other options for characters. It’s very annoying to have to use overlays to make characters blush, give them freckles, etc.


Episode is working on freckles for Limelight but Classic isn’t going to be updated again and INK isn’t going to be updated after a certain date.


Oh thank goodness!


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I love the moles/beauty mark! I have a beauty mark right by my nose and I look flawless ~Flips weaves~


Classic has a skin tone with freckles and we’re just waiting on them for limelight now (as well as stubble/beards)!


I agree with you. Not all humans have just a plain face. Some have freckles, moles, and etc.


I saw someone suggest once having skin options, like vitiligo, burn pigmentation, scars, and freckles and I really think that’s such a good idea. Episode is so inclusive of races, but we really need to move on to body types because not everyone is a pristine size 0 with perfectly smooth skin!


Classic has freckles…I used to use them a lot. Secondary behind the button noses