Free 3D rendered backgrounds



Hello, I decided to make this thread because I understand many people like 3D rendered backgrounds for their stories.
If you know me, I have a free backgrounds thread. I have decided not to post it there because:

A: I make episode styled backgrounds there

B: These are not made by me, BUT BY PEOPLE UNKNOWN

ALSO: Don’t worry. They look amazing but they are commercially free, from Pixabay, and I have huge respect for people who created them.

So without further ado, let me show you the backgrounds!
And I hope you enjoy them as I do.
Also, this is taking so long to load.





Oh my gosh, these are sooooo amazing! :heart_eyes:

Thank you :smile: :sunny:

You’re a hero :wink: :heart:


they’re amazing. :heart_eyes:


Holy crap!! Those are amazing!!


They are amazing!!!


damnnn these are soooo good!!!


A freaking mazing!


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I bookmarked your background threads cause they’re so beautiful :heart_eyes: :revolving_hearts:

P.S You are super talented and do NOT ever tell yourself otherwise :wink:




So sweet you are :wink: :facepunch::blue_heart:




Again, Jem, you’re one of the kindest and best people here! And I’m siting here like, you know, I’m actually going to publish a story this year/month! And everytime, I then go to your stories then I realize you’re far ahead of me. Honestly you are literally the best friend someone could have.
So again, thank you.


hi for your back grounds do you require credit
There amazing by the way you are so talented


Of course not! I appeciate that you think my talent goes so far beyond, but these are not mine, not made by me, and credit doesn’t go to me. You won’t have to credit anyone, as Pixabay is a commercially free site. Thank you though!


no worries also when your story comes out i would love to read it


You’re very kind too and trust me when I say I’m a super lazy writer when it comes to Episode lol :rofl:

Also, you’re an amazing friend and I’m looking forward to your story when it comes out :wink: :blue_heart:

P.S Keep on being your awesome self :sunglasses: :facepunch:


Bumping this wonderful thread :heart_eyes_cat:


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@CinnamonToast do you have any modern day offices that I could use for my story? Preferably one with big, open windows?