Free and Fast Covers And Splashes Request Are Opennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!


Are those splashes ready?


I was with my teacher sorry


Not to be rude but I want them in at max 5 hours (the splashes) or I’ll let someone else do it :sunglasses:


You have 20 hours left :sunglasses:


I’ll hand them to someone else


Oh c’mon!


I am at school at the moment




Hey I was wondering if you could do a cover for me?

Here are the details

Password: Magix
Story Title: Scars Fade
Author Name: Alien Stories
Instagram: NA
It would be great if you send the characters pics in High Quality for more Visuality on how the cover looks like
Characters (I can also make one without episode characters on it): I would like it if you could do it with a artwork of a girl with her back to you looking down.
Outfits: All black


Important Details: You can chose the backround, as long a it goes with the art and stuff. Details in the art aren’t that important as long and she has light brown hair and pale skin