Free and Open !Bear Art Shop! I DO INK AND LL

Do you need help with making/finding Overlays and Background and ect? If so I can help just let me know down below and I will see what I can do. Password: Bear I won’t be able to take every request and I apologize in advance for that. That doesn’t mean I won’t try. If I can’t take yours I will suggest you to another art shop that I know with do a great job. Oh if you wanna hear something cute I called this the Bear Art Shop because of my dog Bear if you look down below you will see a bunch of photos of him.

Please credit me and don’t steal my work you can credit me through my forums username and Instagram which is yoshime325


Pictures of Bear:


IMG_74741 IMG_74751 IMG_74761 IMG_74771


Please don’t be afraid to tell me to improve or that you don’t like it I will use this as constructive criticism

Waiting List:


in the future, i think i might want some hand/arm ink overlays for my story! :yellow_heart:

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Let me know and I will make them which skin color would you like just so I can be ready?

Password: Bear

Hey. You messaged me in my other post saying you can probably help me with my overlay.

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Yes I will have that in a few minutes.

awesome thanks. I hope it makes sense of what I’m trying to do

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The reason it dissolves in the middle is because you don’t have

@overlay 6001081425199104_ANGEL POINTS opacity 1

@overlay 6001081425199104_DEVIL POINTS opacity 1

If you had this it would stay throughout the whole thing if that doesn’t solve the problem let me know and I will take a closer look.

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ok. what about for the gliding from bottom to middle

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It just jumps from spot to spot

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You just have to put in at the end of the sequence in (#of seconds)

yea sure!

for my male character, his is skin tone is - tan
for my female character, her skin tone is - honey

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If you want it to do something special like double bounce when it hits you should check out these and all you have to do to apply them is write with at the end of the sequence

Alright let me know the pose when your ready


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Can you do a transparent blur background?

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Do you mean like an overlay that is transparent to go over a background that is the size of the background or a background that is transparent

Something like this or something different?


Oh yeah my mistake. I mean overlay that will cover the size of the background.

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That’s ok don’t worry.

Something that will blur the background like this…image|399x500

I can ss and blurr like this as i have many choices it will go through and it will be confusing to go through and code remembered choices

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