Free and quick splashes and Edits

Bonjour guys!

I am a kind of new artist, I do Splashes and edits. Also simple backgrounds. (ink only). I most of the time am free, so I do them pretty quickly. Here is the information I need:

For Edits;

What background.
What font, size and colour of text If wanted
Idea of what you have in mind.
Story Genre
Description of story
Characters in preferred outfits
What pose you would like them.

For Splashes:
What background ( I can also give it)
Font, colour and size (size is optional)

Simple Backgrounds
You can give me different pics and I will put them together
Ideas you have in mind
what you want to be in the background

Note: I am new to this so I am not that good but I will try my best. You can PM me if you like. I can’t size things right so You will have to do it yourself. If the request is too hard/complicated I will Private message you a polite refusal. Please remember to credit me !

Here are some examples;

Feel free to ask me what you want and I will see if I can do it!

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@Jeremy please close this thread!

Sure thing @InkWaves :smiley: :lock: